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Let our system decide what funnel will work best for you and your business.

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Discover the unmatched dependability of our personalized roadmap – tailored exclusively for you!

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A successful framework that has allowed our clients to generate more than $120 million.

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Get instant access to a clear and concise roadmap, facilitating efficient decision-making and understanding.

50 Marketing Tools

With over 50 marketing tools, we expedite your journey to success.


We Don’t Use Solutions That Are Curated For Others.


Tailored for everyone from funnel experts seeking the perfect strategy, to newcomers aiming for their first sale, and even ambitious entrepreneurs targeting 6-7 figure revenues. 
Our “PERSONALIZED” approach is designed to align with your specific goals, making success not just a Possibility, but a Reality.

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Personalized and Tailored Roadmap

Answering The Questions Personalized To You

Top Marketing Books Summarized According To Your Business

Hand-picked tools to further make it easy for you to reach your goals


Tap into the mindset of winners. Get summaries of top marketing books “summarized” based on your business. Know the hidden plus advanced strategies discussed in the books tailored towards you.


Advanced and hand-picked tools based on your goals and needs to further solidify your success. These tools will help you reach the goals you and your business deserve.

Amidst the Chaos, Allow Us to Serve as Your Guiding Eyes.

Funnel Ideator will help you with personalized strategies so that you don’t waste years in finding the perfect strategy. You will get a tailored report instantly so that you can implement strategies almost immediately.

Powered by GPT AI

Our roadmap powered exclusively by GPT to give you the Best Strategies

45000+ Business Analyzed

We can proudly say that our algorithm has analyzed 45,000+ funnels to give you the best strategies.

$120 Million In Sales

We have helped our clients get more than $120 million in revenues.

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By simply answering a few questions, get instant access to the report FOR FREE.

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Advanced Tools Modified According  To Your Business To Easy Your Journey and To Help You Reach Your Goals

COLD Email sequence

A cold email sequence is a series of personalized emails that aim to start conversations and achieve specific goals by providing value and building rapport with new contacts.

Email Playground

Email Playground: secure platform for email testing. Templates, device preview, and code optimization improve results by reducing errors and bounce rates.

Headline Formula

Create catchy two-line headlines with a main headline and subheading to grab attention and hit marketing goals.

Influancer Marketing Strategies

Influencer marketing uses social media personalities to promote brand awareness, trust, and sales. Success needs targeting, goals, and genuine content.

Personalized ROI

Customize estimated ROI with the ROI Calculator, improving financial decision-making based on investment, time period, and return rate.

Title for the Challenge

Engage potential customers with quizzes, tasks, or courses using Challenge Funnel. Build brand, generate leads, increase sales, and create loyal customers.

We Not Only Say It
We Live By It.

We are so confident about strategies that we live by them. Perfect blend of “Analyzing Thousands Of Funnels” and “The AI” to create the best strategies possible.

After analyzing 45,000+ funnels,
let us and our ChatGPT Powered AI help you.

Discover the best strategy Tailored and Personalized only to your and your business needs. A roadmap prepared after analyzing 45,000+ funnels with GPT AI at the forefront of it.

Growth Hacker Marketing charts a major departure from traditional marketing practices, relying heavily on the use of user data and smart product design.
The Brand Gap presents the first unified theory of branding—a set of five disciplines that let companies bridge the gap between brand strategy and brand execution.
“Made to Stick” provides a practical and systematic way to create ideas that are understood, remembered, and have a long-term impact.

Truly one of its kind
Just like you

Discover First Time Clarity And That Too Totally Free.

Discover the feedback from others about the impact of our tailored roadmap.

This platform helped me to fuel my creativity and strategy. Customization options were a game-changer, amplifying my business vision. With its dynamic support, it's a must-have for any innovative mind. Highly recommend for elevating your business strategies
David Quinlan
Fitness Coaching
Delighted with Ideator's impact on my coaching business. The comprehensive roadmap and meticulous step-by-step guidance have been instrumental in surpassing my targeted goals. The Ideator Team's professionalism, high skill set, and extensive knowledge have truly elevated the entire experience.
Peter Jeffries
Life Coach
I've been around in marketing for some time now, and stumbling upon Funnel Ideator was a game-changer. What really impressed me was how tailored their strategies felt. It was like they were designed specifically for my business challenges and goals. The book summaries were a huge time-saver, packed with insights I could immediately apply. Honestly, thanks to Funnel Ideator, I'm not just meeting my goals; I'm surpassing them. If you're considering it, give it a shot. It's more than just a service; it's like having your personal strategist by your side.
Tahís Donahue
Health and Wellness Coach
Funnel Ideator has really changed the game for me in marketing. Their personalized roadmap has put me way ahead of my competitors. It's not just about how easy the program is to use anymore. This tool has made a massive difference in helping me reach my goals. The roadmap they give you is like having a secret strategy that really works. Seriously, if you're thinking about trying it, just do it. Funnel Ideator isn't just about a cool interface; it's a tool that's taken my business to a whole new level.
Rafa Beauchamp
Parenting Coach

Frequently asked questions

The Personalized Business Roadmap is a comprehensive document that provides tailor-made strategies and insights crafted specifically for your business. It offers actionable recommendations based on your business’s unique needs and goals.
The roadmap is generated by analyzing the answers you provide to a set of targeted questions. These answers help us understand your business’s characteristics, challenges, and aspirations, allowing us to create strategies that align with your specific situation.
The questions cover various aspects of your business, such as budget, target audience, industry, goals, and more. Your responses enable us to craft strategies that resonate with your business’s requirements.
Absolutely. The roadmap’s accuracy is derived from the information you provide. The more detailed and accurate your responses, the more precise and effective the strategies will be.
No, the roadmap is highly individualized. The strategies are specifically tailored to your business’s unique attributes, ensuring that you receive recommendations that match your goals and circumstances.
Once you submit your answers, our system generates the roadmap within 30 seconds to 1 minute. You can expect to receive your personalized business roadmap promptly.
While we encourage thorough responses, you can still receive a valuable roadmap even if some answers are incomplete. The more information you provide, however, the more precise your strategies will be.
Of course. The roadmap serves as a foundation, and you can implement the strategies immediately or modify them to suit your preferences and evolving business needs.
Simply navigate to our landing page and follow the instructions to begin the process. Answer the questions accurately, and within no time, you’ll have your Personalized Business Roadmap ready to guide your business to success.
Absolutely. We prioritize your data security and adhere to strict privacy protocols. Your information is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

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 Funnel Ideator by conquer your crowd allows you to get a Tailored and Personalized Roadmap. Not only this but Funnel Ideator provides book summaries and tools hand-picked and summarized according to your needs – FOR FREE
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